A look at electric guitars, their advantages and special features


Electric guitars are a modern day invention that have taken the music world by storm. There before people were already quite happy with the acoustic guitars but the electric guitars took things to another whole new level.

The traditional acoustic guitar is still very much in use since it is a great instrument for playing for small audiences and for personal use. The acoustic guitar still boasts these advantages alongside the fact that one can easily use the acoustic guitar anywhere without the need for electric power. As such, travelling with an acoustic guitar is much easier. Acoustic guitars also have a richer warmer sound as compared to an electric guitar – although some people say otherwise.

The advantages of the electric guitar have made the electric guitar very popular. The fact that they can produce such a variety of sounds with such versatility helped them rise to be one of the most popular instrument in the world today. The electric guitar is solely responsible for creating completely new genres of music which were made popular by a different breed of artists who used the live stage as their platform to rise to glory.

The rock star is a product of the electric guitar and its abilities. Many rock music guitarists are popular due to their electric guitar playing heroics. The recently departed musician Prince was a great Rock Star whose fame was hugely based on his abilities with the electric guitar.

The electric guitar has seen some technological improvements to its design and to its capabilities. Electric guitars come with features that allow one to adjust the tone and volume of the guitar. Semi hollow electric guitars such as the Epiphone Wildkat are designed to produce high quality sound without compromising on the durability of the instrument and the aesthetic features of the guitar.

Electric guitars however cannot produce sound without the use of additional gadgets. An electric guitar primarily produces sound when the metallic chords are strummed, finger picked or plucked. The vibrations of the chords are then converted to electric impulses by the pickup (a device in the electric guitar designed for this purpose).

The electric currents that are generated from the pickup are usually not strong enough to produce sound through a loud speaker. As such, the impulses have to be amplified in a guitar amplifier before being finally fed to a loud speaker. The signals of the electric guitar which produce the sound can be altered to produce different types of sounds and this is one of the big advantages of the electric guitar. The effects of the electric guitar signals can be altered through distortion, reverb, and overdrive.

Today there are technological advances that make the use of electric guitars easier. For example there are wireless guitar systems that allow the guitarist to use the guitar without necessarily having wires trailing from his electric guitar. This is a great improvement that allows the guitarist a lot of freedom to move around which is important especially in a lively live performance.

Wireless guitar systems can however be erratic in performance especially in places where there is distortion and interference of the signals.