Advantages and concerns of introducing young children to musical instruments


It is advisable to introduce children to musical instruments at an early age. This has many advantages. The obvious advantage being that the child has a longer period for learning to play the instrument in their lifetime. A child who starts learning an instrument early will have advanced a great deal in their knowledge by the time they get into adulthood. With more time to train and learn, people who start learning musical instruments as young children are able to get to very advanced skills.

Apart from having a great head-start to learning the musical instrument as compared to other people who start learning later, the child is also able to grasp the skills needed to play the instrument much more easily. The child’s brain is usually more receptive to learning new things as compared to an older brain. This is because of many factors including the fact that a child does not have many other responsibilities to distract their minds.

Many times it is difficult for an individual to decide which musical instrument they want to focus on. Often people who play musical instruments have the skill to play numerous instruments but they might take a long time to discover their main strengths. A child is able to choose his or her own best preference better because unlike older people a child is not prejudiced and may not have favorites that are due to other external factors.

For example, many people find guitars attractive and romantic instruments. Guitars are usually associated with stardom, with heroism, and with love. Guitars are also instruments whose sound and way of playing is quite soothing. As such, many people want to learn to play the guitar. The child however does not have these prejudices or ideas for the guitar or for any other instrument.

A child is innocent and he or she will simply play an instrument because he/ she personally likes it or is able to play it well. As such, it is easier for a parent or a guardian to lead the child into perfecting the skills of instruments which they are naturally gifted to play.

It is often a challenge for children to find musical instruments that are ideal for their small body statures. This is especially the case with instruments such as the guitars where body size matters. There are however musical instruments that are designed for people with different body sizes including instruments for children.

One also needs to be careful when exposing children to some complex musical instruments such as instruments that require other additional complicated gadgets. For example, it would not be ideal to start a child on an electric guitar especially if not monitored. Electric acoustic guitars would also not be ideal.

If one wants to use an acoustic electric guitar, one might want to use wireless guitar systems that will be less cumbersome and safer for the child. The chords of an electric guitar might lead to an accident such as tripping the child.