AirBnB: Awe Inspiring Choices

AirBnB: Awe Inspiring Choices

Shipping container homes are have shocked the world with their popularity. Any homes or eco-friendly apartments are also very popular. These are not just for squatters anymore, this type of architecture is really becoming the new “in” thing. These freight containers that are recycled are excellent for flexibility, efficiency, and to catch the eye of your friends when they see you living in a shipping container! These types of buildings can be anything from a residential home to a skyscraper! How cool is that?


Shipping container homes can be extremely versatile and have been around for about five decades, believe it or not. It has become cool to convert old shipping containers into shelters and do it cheaply. Architects and designers all over the world are coming up with new and innovative ways to build container homes. You are probably wondering where you can find shipping container homes for sale.

There are many online resources available if you are interested in purchasing a shipping container home. has a long list of different place you can purchase shipping container homes all over the entire world. You can also use AirBnB to look for a home in any area in the country or world. You can always use an AirBnB coupon code to search for shipping container homes for free.

Not only can you purchase shipping container homes in AirBnB but you can also shop for apartments in various parts of the world. You have the option of purchasing spacious airline apartment in the Netherlands. Recycled airplane parts are used to build a livable home. You can decorate it any way that you like. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and has a fully-equipped kitchen.

People also love building tree houses. As a kid it was always such a big deal to have a fun tree house for you and your friends to play in. Now what’s cool is that you can build your own tree house with functional kitchens, bathrooms, just like a typical home! It is amazing what we can do with our homes these days. For people who are looking to go green these are all amazing options. A tree house, a shipping container house, recycled airplane parts, the options are endless!

Having a recycled home is very popular in today’s day and age. Any way that we can help the environment is a good way, so why not try it? A shipping container is less than $3000 and has the practicality to able to be turned into a home. Building a foundation will be your priciest investment when building a shipping container home. But in the long run you are doing something really amazing for the environment so the long-term impacts will be worth it in the end.

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