All About Various Quilting Techniques

Quilling Techniques

The most common quilting styles

There are a lot of quilting types, but some are not quite famous like others. These techniques help get started the quilting supplies for beginners.

The Pieced quilt

This method of quilting is also known as also patchwork and it is commonly used to quilt. It is a combination of two sewing fabric pieces. You can use any format with patchwork quilting. Strips, half squares, triangles and any other thing, whereas pieced quilting is the most cheapest an d easiest to use that is why a lot of people use it until they reach to their desired levels. This format goes with any style.

The Appliqué quilting

With formula of quilting style, you can sew using your hands or by machine. The unique about this great style is that you have the freedom to be creative. Just sketch your shape of choice on a fabric you want then cut it out and sew it at the back. Backgrounds are normally light and bright in color and that is why you will find most of creative quilters working with the printed fabrics and darker themes. This form of quilting began back in the early days.

The Paper Piecing quilt

Also know as [FPP] Foundation Paper Piecing. This style of quilting gives a crisp, sharp edge which brings out the design a little dramatic. This technique is quite different from all the others. It contains some numbers and patterns that guides you through the whole block.

English paper piecing

This is another method that was being used back in 18th century and it’s also referred to as EPP. The EPP style includes paper cutting to the exact same size and shape. The fabrics are pressed, basted and wrapped all over the pieces which holds both shapes together.

Art Quilts

This quilting style involves a little bit of art work as you have imagined. This style is considered unique because it conveys a message. Their shapes and designs are also unique unlike piecing fabrics.

Amish Quilting

It originated from fabric scraps as a way of re-cycling. And from then it transformed to art. the designs are striking but simple and they use colors like red, purple, blue and black.

Memory and photo memory quilting

Thinking of celebrating an important occasion in your life or preserving your family’s history? Well, memory quilt is the best design for that. They are meant to bring comfort that is why they are designed from a loved one’s fabric. This design is popular because these days you can easily transfer photos into fabrics. They are used to remember a loved one but can still be used to celebrate family growth.

Cathedral window quilts

The style in being inspired by the bright colors mainly found in church windows. Patchwork edging is also included in this design because they are made of heavy fabrics like cotton. You can also do it using hands.

Rag quilts

Currently is it the trending style. It is fun and quick to make, and again patchwork techniques are included only that its fabrics are a mix of fleece, flannel and denim.

Civil war quilts

In the 1850s war, the government never used to provide for the military so it was the women’s duty to make clothing for the soldiers. They used patterns to create the fabrics quilts for the soldiers. At that time they were made with any fabric they found like blankets, fertilizer and anything.

Hawaiian quilts

It was founded in 1820s when the missionaries came. Its first design was called kapa. It was purposely made to celebrate important occasions. This quilting format is mainly inspired by nature.