Are You A Liberal?

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If you are considering applying for college soon, or you are considering your major, have you thought of developing a career in liberal arts? Do you even know what options you will have if you obtain a degree in liberal arts?

For high school graduates, or those who hold a GED, the biggest decision they make when applying to a four-year undergraduate program is whether to choose a liberal arts college or a university. While they may seem the same from the outside, these two college options are different in the way they teach and what they aim to achieve.  You probably have an idea of what a university will be like, but what about a liberal arts college?

Difference Between Liberal Arts College and Large Universities

Unlike in the university setting, liberal arts professors are present to teach students how to be active in their education and personal development. Your teachers will learn who you are and where you want to go in life. Because of this, student input is highly respected since participation is the main purpose.

Liberal arts colleges are known for having smaller student-to-teacher interaction because classes are smaller. Professors are present to teach students how to take an active role in their own learning and their own educational development.

In a university, the classes are mainly focused on seminars and lectures. They cater to a larger group of students at once. Professors teach on a regular basis, but are typically focused on producing regular research in their general field of study.  Many universities rely heavily on graduate students to help them carry out the duties of reading essays and grading tests, than having the professor do it.

In essence, a university setting is a lot less personal than a liberal arts college.

What Can You Do With a Liberal Arts Degree?

A liberal arts degree is actually very effective in the job force. Employers who are looking for candidates who have analytical skills and strong communication skills are most likely to hire someone with a degree in liberal arts.

Studies preformed in 2010 showed that students who chose a specific field earned less money each year than those who chose a wide based college option, like liberal arts. Someone with a degree in liberal arts is not limited to the next step in their degree process. They can enroll in the graduate program of almost any given field.

Time to Make a Decision

A lot of students choose to get their undergraduate degree in liberal arts as a method of determining where their true interests lie. This is a great option for graduates who do not know what they want the next step of their life to be.

Getting a degree in liberal arts allows you to continue your education while investigating various career fields that are available to them.

Top 5 Liberal Arts Colleges

There are many great Liberal Arts colleges across the nation. However, there are some that rank higher than others in placing graduates and providing a well-rounded educational setting. These colleges are:

  1. Williams College – Massachusetts
  2. Pomona College
  3. Washington and Lee University
  4. Haverford College
  5. Barnard College