At-A-Glance 2018 Monthly Planner – Appointment Book Review


Even in an age of smartphones and planning apps, a lot of people like to have more old-fashioned monthly planners. The At-A-Glance 2018 Monthly Planner will meet the needs of a wide range of different customers today. This is an appointment book that is large enough to contain a lot of the different thoughts that people are trying to get across. It’s an appointment book that should last for a long time. It’s also made with high-quality paper and high-quality materials in general, as any At-A-Glance 2018 Monthly Planner – Appointment Book Review will indicate.



The At-A-Glance 2018 Monthly Planner is bigger than a lot of the other similar products that are on the market today, and this is just the sort of thing that a lot of people want. The page size dimensions measure 8-7/8 inches by 11 inches, and this is larger than what a lot of people will find with the same product line. The overall size of the appointment book reaches the dimensions of 9.5 inches by 11.38 inches by .25 inches, so the appointment book itself is not substantially larger than the pages that people will use. Some people find that very small appointment books are difficult to use, because even recording information on the small pages will be tough. Other people will find that the little appointment books are easier to lose. With the At-A-Glance 2018 Monthly Planner, both problems will be out of the way right away.

High-Quality Paper

People won’t have to worry about the paper quality when it comes to the At-A-Glance 2018 Monthly Planner. This is paper that is very resistant to bleeding ink and a lot of the other issues that people will tend to have when it comes to appointment books. People will be able to use whatever writing implements that they want with this appointment book and they will not run into similar problems, whether they like pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, or anything else of the kind.

Many people will also appreciate the fact that this is paper that is composed of thirty percent post-consumer waste, which is not a small percentage. This is an appointment book that is more environmentally friendly than some of the others that people might choose at different points. In an age of increasing environmental awareness and consciousness, this is a trait that a lot of people will appreciate right away. The At-A-Glance 2018 Monthly Planner has them covered in more ways than one.


Some monthly planners and appointment books are not bound correctly, and this is just going to create a situation where people will lose some of their data in bizarre and random accidents. The At-A-Glance 2018 Monthly Planner has a strong wire binding. It’s similar to the spiral notebooks that a lot of people would have used in schools at different points. All of the pages of this appointment book will absolutely stay together. People will not have to worry about something negative happening with their At-A-Glance 2018 Monthly Planner due to some fault with the binding. The binding will always be there for them, even if they’re handling the appointment book roughly all the time.