Awesome Surfing Tips for Beginners



Surfing is one of the few sports that can be thrilling, tricky and fun at the same time. That is why many people want to try to surf. Learning the sport takes time and a lot of patience. Here are some tips for beginners to help them ease their worries when learning.

Learn From Experts

Some people who are starting to learn surfing would usually get some advice from their friends and families who have been doing the sport for a long time. That should not be a problem if they are experts. However, it is still best if you learn from real professionals. There are some schools that offer short yet intensive programs in surfing. Experts and professional surfing teachers do not miss out on the basics of surfing. They would help you love the sport even more through their careful and comprehensive training.

Choose the Right Gear

As a beginner, you should be equipped with a board that would suit not only your style, but also your ability level. You would not want to jump right on a board that is usually used by seasoned surfers just because they look cooler.

Big surfboards are recommended for beginners.

Aside from the board you would also need a wetsuit, surfboard fins, wax and many others. You can check out different surfboards and other gears as well as know more about them from reviews on Surfers & Paddlers. Pick

The Right Spot

It would not be the best idea to go to surfing spots with really big waves just yet when you are starting. You would want to choose a place that is free from rocks and reefs that could be hazardous when you are starting out. You could join the veteran surfers in more breath-taking surf areas once you have mastered the sport.

Don’t Do Tricks Just Yet

Learning the basics is the first step to being better. If you immediately start with some tricks that you have just watched people do, without even mastering how to sit comfortably on a board, you would only end up hurting yourself. All the professional and veteran surfers have mastered all the fundamental skills first before working on cool tricks. Learn how to paddle and bend your knees before trying to flip your board upside down.

Observe and Always Keep Your Eyes Open

There could be many factors that could affect the way your surf and the waves, too. You have to always watch out for rocks, fishing boats, piers and other objects that could pose some danger while you surf. Check where the lifeguard is and look out for signs and flags.

Know and Obey Surfing Etiquette

Although unwritten, some codes among surfers are being followed and observed. These codes enable them to surf together in peace and respect each other. Also, they prevent accidents that could happen during, before, and after surfing. There could be different codes depending on the locality. Know more about the people you surf with and get to know their surfing culture.