Best Winter Formal Dresses: What To Wear And What To Avoid

When planning to attend a formal occasion during summer time, most of us often spend a lot of time thinking about what dress we will have to wear. Not only does the dress has to be right, but you also have to pick the ideal makeup and accessories, not to mention how you will make your hair as well as the shoes to wear. Sadly, during winter everything becomes five times difficult because it is very tricky to make a choice for the best winter formal must have dresses.

Fortunately for you, here’s some interesting advice we have gathered for you that you can apply the next time you will be attending an occasion in the winter.


A Knitted Dress Can Be Classy

A majority of women often seem to have the impression that knitted clothing can only be worn in casual situations when you want to feel comfortable and cozy. Well, the reality is that knitted dresses can be classy and very elegant if you know how to clad them as well as what accessories to match them up with.

When choosing a knitted dress, the first rule is to pick one that finishes slightly above your knees and is tight on your body. If you choose a dress that is not tight, chances are it will give you a strange look that is really not what you want. As for the length size, anything much longer than this will make you look like it’s a knitted blanket you are wearing, and anything shorter than this isn’t ideal for a formal occasion. When cladding such an outfit, balance is the key to everything.

One other crucial aspect is the dress color; avoid bright colors and patterns and go for the traditional: black, white, red, gray, brown or dark green. These colors are appropriate for winter and are perfect for any event.

Since the dress is clean and simple, you can get that formal look you want by playing with different accessories. Wear a pair of classy earrings and tie the hair in the back. Since you cannot wear boots, go for a pair of high heels that are closable in the front.

Velvet Dresses Are Fashionable

Some years back, designers abandoned velvet dresses because a majority of women thought that it emphasized every defect in their body. Not long ago, velvet dresses made their way back on the fashion industry and let us just admit how wonderful they look. A velvet dress makes you look like a princess, it doesn’t call for so many accessories and above all, it is perfect for winter.

When wearing a velvet dress, you’ve got to pay special focus on the way it is made. You have to pick a high-quality piece that doesn’t show any section of the seam and is made by a professional. It also has to flowy in the right appropriate areas and tight, as it quite difficult to modify it later.

Keep the dress inside a special cover before wearing it, because it can lose color if exposed to the sun, certain cleaning products or perfume. Velvet is a very sensitive material, and as such, it must be treated with utmost care.