Black and Decker Rotary Tool Kit

A rotary tool is something which comes in handy in myriads of situations especially for someone who always prefers getting things achieved themselves. Although they do not replace every equipment in your workshop, they can perform an endless list of tasks which larger tools cannot even come close to achieving. However, there are too many present in the market, but one which seems to outshine most of them is the Black and Decker rotary tool kit. If you just hear about it, then you have been missing out big but fortunately below is all you need to know about it.


Designed for comfort

If you are the do it yourself person, then I’m sure you treasure tool which has a comfortable design yet it can still finish different tasks. If you are looking for such, then your search ends here because the Black and Decker rotary toolkit is precisely that and more. The handle has over-molded rubber so it can be easy to grip and also to prevent it from slipping due to sweat while working. That allows you to be in control of the task in hand at all times.

Performs different functions

It grinds, carves, cuts, cleans, sharpens, grinds, sands, polishes, drills, engraves, smoothens, shapes and you name it the Black and Decker rotary toolkit will do it effortlessly. Thus it replaces most of the larger tools which have been filling your garage or job desk. And that is what makes it even more convenient. It is a one in all apparatus.

Different Speeds

Every task has various stages; there are moments when you need to speed up especially when you are just beginning while there are moments when you need precision, and you cannot be able to do that if the tool you are using is always on high speed. Fortunately, the Black and Decker rotary toolkit allows you to work at your own pace as it comes with three speeds the lowest being 12,000 followed by 24,000 and the highest is 30,000 rpm. Thus you can adjust according to your needs while the speed dial allows you to set you’re the sequence of your speed as you begin so you don’t need to keep on adjusting.


Another feature which makes the Black and Decker rotary tool kit even more convenient is its high rate of compatibility with different accessories.

High torque

It has a high 2.0 Amp torque motor which offers efficiency and convenience especially when you need to speed up your operation.

Other features

  • Flip and lock feature
  • Universal collet system
  • Two years warranty


Just like any other item in the market, the Black and Decker rotary toolkit also has a few downsides as shown below.

  • Three speeds only
  • The cord might limit the user especially if the job he/she needs to do is far away from the power source