Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

When you think of biking, you think of someone tough, who likes to live life on the edge and freely. You hardly get the same feeling when you think of modern technology but rather the polar opposite.

Technology like Bluetooth is nothing new. What was designed for mobile devices like cell phones, has now found a home within one of the most liberating activites a person can do. Motorcycling.

Together, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have combined a way for both riders and consumers alike to send documents or files to one another without the need to hook up a bunch of tangling wires. Chiefly, it’s a much more convenient way for bikers to communicate with one another, or listen to tunes as they hit the road with their bike.

With so many brands and companies hitting the market for a share of their money, which Bluetooth motorcycle helmet should you buy? We will tell you everything you need to know so you can safely enjoy your biking experience with added convenience. You can also read more here to add to your knowledge.

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Bluetooth: What is it?

As mentioned above, Bluetooth is a wireless device that allows a biker to connect with other devices without taking a hand off the handle bar. Bluetooth features a built-in antenna that is a capable of picking up or transmitting signals to other networks compatible.

Bluetooth helmets are used for bikers to easily talk to each other for as long as their networks and helmets are synced or compatible, or just simply listen to their favorite classic rock songs from their MP3 playlist. You can do all of this by simply linking the device to your mobile phone.

The Two Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

If you aren’t someone who enjoys setting up things, then you will appreciate the first type of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. 1. Pre-installed Bluetooth helmets are just that. The guess work is done for you. You can also use the device immediately because it is pre-installed for you inside the helmet. Unfortunately, with that kind of convenience comes a price. Look to spend more money on pre-installed Bluetooth helmets.

The second type, you guessed it, are Bluetooth compatible helmets. This will require effort or a professional to install it for you. These types involved screwing tiny holes into the helmet so you can implement your wireless device.

The one major advantage other than price with this type of helmet is comfort. Once you’ve grown accustomed to a particular helmet, you usually want to continue to wear it. You can usually clip these devices to the side of your helmet.

What You Should Consider Before Getting A Bluetooth Helmet

First and foremost, wearing a helmet is the law in every state within the U.S. other than 3. If your state requires you to wear a helmet, you should. It’s also safer, and will prevent you from fatal and serious injuries.

That said, there are things you should consider before you go out and buy one. First, the price. You can find helmets out there ranging from $100-$200. The more you pay, typically, the better the sound quality. The less you pay, when you hit a certain speed during your ride, you will notice a compromise in sound quality usually fading.

Second, is the ease of control. Most devices should feature hand-free options or one touch abilities. Some Bluetooth devices even have voice command options.

A final consideration, should be weather resistance or waterproofing. Yes, you know better than anyone, that weather can creep up on you at any time without notice. Look for a Bluetooth helmet that is waterproof and sweat resistant. Not only will this protect your speaker, but it will increase the life of your helmet.

Recommended: HJC-CL MaxBT Bluetooth Modular Helmet

This particular helmet has it all and it rates highly with its customers. It won’t break the bank ranging just over a $100, which isn’t bad for a motorcycle modular helmet.

It’s fairly light, only shipping out at a weight of 5.2 pounds, something you will appreciate as you rack up miles. Ideal for street, sport, all terrain, utility and other purposes as well. The benefit of that is its versatility giving you a helmet for multiple uses.

Meets and exceeds D.O.T standards and has an integrated recess and interior speaker cavities. The faceshield is pleasantly light as a feather, and optically superb for the most clear ride possible.

Featuring a quick slide as well as U.V. protection, this helmet is made with a polycarbonate shell, which is why it is light.

One last tidbit about the HJC Modular Helmet, is that it is made with state of the art anti-bacterial technology ventilation. This technology will keep your helmet the cleanest possible, while eradicating humid conditions consistently back to front.


Recommended: Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet

Okay, this helmet is a bit pricier but it is a better overall helmet when it’s all said and done. Here’s why!

When you think of Bluetooth and its advantages, you think communication and convenience. That’s what this device and helmet gives you. You can communicate with a fellow rider up to 8 hour with Bilt’s Universal Bluetooth 3.0 system.

Like the other helmet above, the shell on this bad boy is made with polycarbonate, which exceeds D.O.T. standards. It has excellent ventilation keeping you the freshest during your ride.

An added bonus in keeping your helmet clean and fresh is the removable liner. The liner on top of the metal mesh rear vents help keep your head from becoming damp with perspiration.

This helmet has a drop down sun shield, which again, will keep you at your safest against the blinding sun. You’ll be able to talk with just about anybody who owns a bluetooth helmet as the Bilt Techno 2.0 can be synced with just about any Bluetooth able device out there.

The Final Words

Now that you know more about what Bluetooth can do for you, you are ready to go out and see which one will be best for you and your riding needs. Is it a necessity? No, but is it amazingly convenient? Absolutely.

Bluetooth helmets can also help with navigating efforts. Syncing the devices with your phones, will allow you to access GPS, which makes reaching your destination that much simpler.

If you keep into consideration the above examples, you will find it much easier to buy the best performing Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for your motorcycling needs.