Careers in Making Music

Careers in Making Music

When people have discussions about the music industry, they usually tend to forget about the people behind the scenes that actually make it happen. Without producers, there would be no music. Without disc jockeys, there would be nobody to promote the music. These two careers are very important to the industry. Both require a lot of work and some school to be able to get the education and experience required to be successful at either career.

Music production is a very appealing career when you look at it from the outside in. When you think about a music producer, the first thing you tend to think about is salary. Producers (like most other professionals) have to work hard and be dedicated to make a substantial salary. Most producers will tell you that in order to be successful in the field of production; you have to have an ear for all kinds of music.

Taking one genre and sticking strictly to that drastically decreases opportunities, and with decreased opportunities you won’t be able to make the money that you are truly capable of. Schooling is important for people pursuing production careers as well. These days, technology is always advancing or changing and schooling gives you the knowledge and tools to be able to keep with software and technology changes. Being able to get along with people is a big part of music production as well.

You have to be able to work with artists, engineers, and all types of musical occupations so that everybody can achieve the same goal. The best way to make it in this field is to start out small and work your way up. Learn as much as you can through networking and being in the field. Music production is a career that takes hard work and dedication to make it in. If you can combine those two traits and have good people skills, the sky is the limit.

Almost everybody listens to the radio. People listen to the radio for different things, some listen to music while others prefer the news or things to that nature. Whenever you tune in to the radio, do you ever think about what it would be like to be a disc jockey? Being a dick jockey is more about having connections and a positive attitude than about anything else. You are either cut out to be on the radio or you aren’t. It’s all personality and knowing how to keep people entertained.

There are classes and schools that can help you become a disc jockey, but you have to have the people skills to succeed in this field. An upbeat attitude is the most successful trait of a disc jockey, but in order to really feel out the industry; you will need to get an established DJ to serve as a mentor. The best schooling for a DJ is hands on experience. If you keep an upbeat attitude and the willingness to learn; you can be a DJ as well. Let’s face it, being a DJ would be fun. Who wouldn’t want to have a fun job?

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