Saturday, November 25, 2017

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Vacationing in Kenya with a cool cheerful Irish guy with a travel guitar

I love travelling. This is my best recreational activity and this is my number one option during vacation time. As such, I have travelled a lot. I am almost always travelling to a different destination each year. I like going to places where I have never been before where I can be able to experience new things and see new things that I have not seen before. Some of the great places I have been to include the great savannah grasslands of Africa. I was privileged to travel to Kenya in East Africa two years ago. That year, I had…

Saving money

Saving money as a tourist in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful city to tour, however it is also a very expensive city to be in. A knowledgeable tourist can however still have a good time while spending much less money. Below are some pointers on how to save money while touring Singapore. Enjoy free parks and free walks and avoid the shopping malls: Singapore has free parks and nature reserves where tourists can enjoy some great outdoor sightseeing, nature walks, and other outdoor activities such as camping, outdoor barbeques, kiting, cycling, rollerblading and other outdoor activities that will not cost you a cent. This is a much…

vacation 1

Singapore the ideal island for a couple to visit on their vacation

Singapore is a great place for a tourist couple to visit. It is especially a good place if you want to get a mix of modern luxuries and ancient attractions. Singapore is an Island City State in South East Asia. The City has a mixture of customs due to the influence of many cultures which came in via the many harbors of the seas surrounding this beautiful City. The predominant culture is the Malay culture. Malays who come from the neighboring Northern Country of Malaysia make up the biggest percentage of the population. Other cultures here include the Chinese, Indians…