Comparing acoustic guitars and electric semi hollow guitars


The debate for superiority is always raging between acoustic guitar die-hards and people who love the electric semi hollow guitars. Usually the main issue of contention is the quality of sound produced by each of these guitars.

The people who love acoustic guitars claim that the acoustic guitar produces a warmer more natural sound.  In acoustic guitars there is no loss of sound as in an electric guitar which is likely to lose some sound quality through the many gadgets through which the signals have to travel. The electric guitar devotees on the other hand boast that the electric guitar provides the guitarist with much more versatility in terms of the kind of sound that one can produce.

It is also said that the electric guitar is better than the traditional acoustic guitar due to the fact that it has a smaller more petite shape that is easier to handle as compared to the bulky acoustic guitar. The electric guitar has a smaller body with more curvy edges that one can easily fold around as compared to the large body of the acoustic guitar which has sharp edges that can be uncomfortable for the guitarist. This is especially the case when the guitarist is a young child or a small person.

When using an electric guitar, one has to use other numerous gadgets to be able to produce an audible sound. In an electric guitar, sound is produced when the guitar strings are plucked, strummed, or they are fingerpicked.

The vibrations produced by the strings are then fed to a pickup. The pickup collects the vibrations from the chords and converts them to electric signals. The electric signals from the pickup are usually still too low to be fed into a loudspeaker and so they have to be first amplified through a guitar amplifier. After being amplified by the guitar amplifier the signals can then be fed to a loudspeaker.

As such, one needs to be have all these gadgets before being able to produce audible sound using an electric guitar. In an acoustic guitar, one just needs to pick the guitar and star playing. One does not even need to have any electric power source, especially if one is playing alone or for a small crowd and there is no need for amplification. This therefore makes the acoustic guitar more preferable for travel and for outdoor activities such as camping.

Due to the various things that are needed for the use of an electric guitar, it is obviously therefore more costly to own an electric guitar. A quality acoustic guitar can cost around $150 whereas a quality electric guitar can cost double this amount or more. One has to also buy the chords, amplifiers, speakers and pickup. One can however initially buy low cost low quality chords, amplifiers, or pickups and later upgrade them as funds become available.

Many people also say that using the electric guitar is easier as compared to the acoustic guitar due to the fact that in the acoustic guitar one has to be more forceful when strumming the strings to produce sound whereas in an electric guitar a slight touch will cause a vibration that will result in the desired output due to the electric amplification.