Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: Ways to Ease the Pain



According to the 2015 statistics for diabetes, 9.4 percent of the total American population is suffering from all types of diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where there is an impaired production of insulin, causing an abnormal breakdown of carbohydrates and an increase production of sugar in the blood. As a long-term metabolic problem, the increase of glucose level in the blood is starting to damage the nerves, which results to tingling, numbness, and pain; according to the medical description, this condition is called diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Diabetic nerve pain can be felt as sharp, aching, and burning pain. These pains may start mild at first, however, over time, the pain can be unbearable and may affect the entire legs and arms. According to the statistics, 50 percent of patients with diabetes are experiencing the pain, which sometimes affects their sleep, the patient’s daily activity, and can also cause depression. The nerve can never be replaced, but the pain can be reduced through the following processes or exercises:

  1. Always monitor and manage your blood sugar level.

Prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to diabetic nerve problems, the best way to prevent the unbearable pain is by religiously monitoring and managing your blood sugar level. Studies have shown that as the person with diabetes ages, his or her insulin production reduces, thus, managing blood sugar level should be efficient and accurate. The consistent monitoring of blood sugar level can prevent any permanent damage to the nerves, eyes, blood vessels, and more.

  1. Always have a healthy diet.

The food that a diabetic person eats has a huge impact on the glucose level in the blood. Poor diet, such as eating unprocessed food, food with refined carbohydrates, drinks that have a high content of sugar, and more, can cause instability of blood sugar, which eventually can cause more serious complications. So, plan your diet effectively; eat food with high levels of fiber. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, fiber, essential electrolytes, and high in antioxidants. Also, do not forget to include fish that are high in omega 3 fatty acids because it helps lower the apoproteins and the triglycerides (these two are responsible for raising the risk of complications.

  1. Try the neuropathy program

Thanks to medical advances and discoveries, Dr. Labrum found a perfect solution to neuropathic pain caused by diabetes, cancer treatments, and more. According to Dr. Labrum, the success of recovery or reduction of pain caused by neuropathy does not solely depend on the prescribed medication but can be achieved through the Neuropathy Solution treatment program. To know more about this top solution to peripheral neuropathy, try visiting the website now. Pain caused by diabetic neuropathy can be unbearable, especially if undertreated. However, no matter how serious this condition can be, the pain can be eased through proper monitoring and managing of blood sugar, eating healthy food and eliminating foods that can cause instability of blood sugar, and the determination to fight off neuropathy through Neuropathy Program.