Discovering music early by growing up in a family that appreciates music


I grew up in a family of musicians and I this has had a tremendous influence in helping me turn out appreciate music as much as I do today. Having such a great introduction into music at an early age gave me a great advantage in learning music.

I am the third born child in a family of five children. I have an elder brother and younger brother. I also have an elder sister and a younger sister. My elder sister is the first born child and she is five years my senior.

As a little child, my very first memories include the daily family prayer time which was a tradition that is still kept by my parents and which I have adopted in my new home with my family. My parents were strict Baptist Christians and they did all they could to ensure that we also grew in the straight orderly ways of good Christians. To do this, they ensured that we had an hour or so of prayer, worship, and praise every evening. This is where we all discovered and nurtured our musical talents.

During the sessions my father who has a deep rich baritone voice would lead us in some old time Christian hymns. Many times my mother who also had a great voice would also lead us in hymns and choruses. They both loved singing and their love for singing automatically spread over to us.

My father had, and still has, a guitar which he would play during the singing. My mother on the other hand had a tambourine that she would joyfully play. Our parents playing the musical instruments helped us get interested in playing musical instruments too. My brothers learnt to play the guitar from my father and so did my younger sister. My elder sister and I were however more interested in playing the piano which we learnt to play by using the piano at the town church.

I believe that with more exposure one or all of us could have gone on to be a great musician. However, we just used our musical talents for worship at home and for once in a while entertaining the church members during Sunday service.

As an adult with my own family, I can see that my two children have some interest in music. They are always wowed by musical sounds and they love singing. I want to give them a good musical foundation too and if they have a talent I want them to advance it to a higher level than I did mine.

To do this, I and my husband have bought them a digital piano for beginners which they use to learn to play music. The digital piano is a great attraction for them and they can already play some simple songs on it. We intend to also expose them to other musical instruments when they grow older.

To exercise their singing abilities and to make our family worship sessions livelier, we have bought a karaoke home machine. The kids are using it to sing along to some simple songs and they love it.