Dishwasher Detergents: What Are the Different Types?


Dishwashers are kitchen appliances that have made the lives of every individual more convenient. That is because they can clean their utensils in big batches in one seating without the need of scrubbing, wiping, and the likes. Hence, they have also helped individuals save a lot of time. With that in regard, they can be more productive in their work, school, and in their life in general.


However, in order to use these appliances in a correct and safe manner, people should use special products called dishwasher detergents. That is because they have been incorporated with substances that will ensure that the dishwasher will rust and will not be clogged. So, people often read about what makes a good dishwasher detergent for them to know what to buy.


Unfortunately, reading such information is not enough. In fact, some individuals end up at the store being overwhelmed with the different types of dishwasher detergents. Thus, they start to question which is better to buy and use. Luckily, this article will be briefly discussing each of the types of people to become familiar which may help them decide which type to choose for their dishwasher.




Detergents in powder form are some of the most common products that people can see in stores. That is because they are affordable and are commonly known by the public. These are used by measuring the recommended number of scoops per load or number of dishes being washed. The main advantage of this type is that it works well with hard water. That is because it is capable of preventing the occurrence of such since the amount of detergent to be placed can be controlled or adjusted. Additionally, some manufacturers also incorporate water softeners.


The only problem that people often complain about powder dishwasher detergents is that they are hard to store. That is for the reason that they can easily be dissolved with water. Hence, they should always be kept away from areas prone to moist and the likes. Nevertheless, people can still find ones that are placed in plastic tubs.


Tablets or Tabs


As the name implies, these products are made in a solid form. Hence, they are already pre-measured making their use more convenient. Likewise, some manufacturers have wrapped each tablet with a wrapper that also dissolved easily. Also, storage-wise, they are better. Those are the reasons why they have “overpowered” the popularity and marketability of powder detergents. However, they are more expensive.


Cartridge Types


Nowadays, people can already a modern type of dishwasher detergent called cartridges. They are the most convenient types to use since they are just placed in the dishwasher and they will automatically load up to 12 doses of detergent. However, this is an expensive type and can occupy a lot of space.


Final Words


When shopping for dishwasher detergents, people can choose between tablets, powder, and cartridges. Each one of them has great cleaning power but have their own advantages and disadvantages which can help individuals choose. Hence, they should just keep in mind which is their priority–budget or convenience?