Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum cleaners have made the lives of every residential and commercial property owners easier and more comfortable. That is because they no longer have to consume too much time and effort in cleaning. These machines have been designed to clean small dirt like dust and pet hair that are quite hard to remove through manual cleaning.

It should be noted, however, that vacuum cleaner brands and models have a lot of differences, not just on their design and construction, but also on their functionalities. So, people who will be buying one should make sure that they know what to evaluate so that they can buy a useful and cost-efficient machine.

Below, this article will be detailing those factors based on the given tips on different vacuum reviews and buyer’s guides.

Power Level

Generally speaking, vacuum cleaners come in corded and cordless types. As can be predicted, corded ones are more powerful than cordless ones since they are operated directly with the help of electricity. The power level of the motor is measured using the unit Watts, and it ranges from 700 Watts to 1600 Watts. Typically, the higher the power level the more powerful the unit is.

Apart from the motor level, the power of the vacuum cleaner can also be evaluated by determining its suction power. This can also be differentiated with the help of Watts. However, for this one, manufacturers will label it as air Watts.

According to experts, the products that have high levels of suction power are the ones with 200 air Watts and more. In addition, some companies also incorporate a so-called cyclonic technology in their products. Such is a feature that prevents the loss of suction through the air being released by the machine.

Presence or Absence of a Dust Bag

A traditional vacuum cleaner has a dust bag connected to it in order to collect the all the dirt that has been sucked into the machine. Nowadays, some modern models no longer have such and have been replaced with HEPA filters (filters that have the tiniest holes).

Convenience-wise, bagless vacuum cleaners are a better choice, but their filters still require replacement once in a while. When it comes to affordability, bagged vacuum cleaners is recommended. However, they require constant emptying of the bag when cleaning. Also, the bag needs replacement but is more affordable than filters.

Basic Features

Individuals shopping for vacuum cleaners may be overwhelmed with the many modern features included in different models and brands. Nevertheless, there are functional and basic features that people can focus on before considering the advanced once. Such include the product’s height adjustment controls, which will make the product usable for many individuals. Another is the suction control feature. It is important because it will make the product multifunctional.

Final Words

The ability of the vacuum cleaner to help individuals maintain the cleanliness of their property depends on a few factors. What people should remember when evaluating the mentioned factors is to consider their basic needs in cleaning.