Finding Alternatives in The Music Business

Finding Alternatives in The Music Business

There are many benefits of studying music. Although music can be beautiful in its own right and enjoyed by the player of the instrument or the listener, it also has many other advantages. For instance playing an instrument can improve coordination and dexterity of the musician, it even helps burn calories.

Music is also artistic and can allow people to join together in their enjoyment of the sound, just think of music festivals where everybody dances together to their favorite band. Music transcends barriers and can be considered a universal language. Regardless of which nationality you are or what language you speak, music can be enjoyed by everyone- whatever age they are.

Music can also be considered a science, the exact combination of notes played in a particular sequence can be absolutely mind blowing, just think of the great composers such as Mozart or Beethoven. With that in mind, you can also see that music is able to travel through the ages. Music from the past can be exactly replicated today, so we can hear what our ancestors heard.

Studying Music could also allow you to forge a successful career. If you don’t quite make it to rock god status you could consider working as a music therapist. A music therapist is someone who helps others through the medium of music. As a music therapist you may work with people who have intellectual disabilities such as autism, or you could work with people who have psychiatric disorders.

In order to be a music therapist you will need to have a good rapport with other people, have a calm demeanor and yes you’ve guessed it, actually be able to play music. It helps if you are musical across a range of mediums and having a good singing voice won’t go amiss. You can study to become a music therapist at Bachelors or Master’s level, the course will examine how the different elements of music can calm people or motivate them to mix with others.

The course will also study different psychological theories which you can integrate into your practice. This can be a very rewarding career, although not always the easiest of jobs.

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