From watching a musician’s performance on TV; my path toward learning to play the guitar


I have always loved to play the guitar. My desire to play this romantic musical instrument started as a young child when I would see musicians strum the guitar and sing. I particularly got captivated by a musician who I saw on TV. He was a colored man and he was enthusiastically playing his guitar gyrating his hips energetically as he sang with great emotion. The performance of this musician who was so devoted to his performance that he was sweating profusely fascinated me a great deal. Not only was the artist a great performer but little as I was I could tell that his music was simply awesome.

Being a little child I could not be able to know the name of the musician. His face was also quickly lost and all that was left in my memory was a faceless guitarist gyrating his hips as he heartedly strummed on his guitar and sang away his tune. As I grew older I identified a few famous musicians who would fit my memory of the musician who had caught my fancy as a little kid.

Watching that musician as a little kid had ingrained in me the idea that playing the guitar is one hell of a cool thing. The emotion and zeal that the musician had displayed in his performance had made me conclude that the guitar was a great joy to play. As such, I always looked for an opportunity to play the guitar.

One day when visiting our uncle Donny, who lived in a farm in the country, I strayed into his study room where to my great surprise I saw a guitar hung on the wall. The guitar was a beautiful seagull model that was artistically decorated with intricate carvings that made it elegant. I could tell that it was a priced item and so before trying my hand on it I first asked my uncle.

My uncle Donny who has always been a great buddy to me and my siblings readily agreed to introduce me to the guitar albeit under his watchful eye since he obviously cherished the instrument. Under his guidance I was able to hold the guitar. He then instructed me on how to strum the chords in such a way that I would not break them.

This is when I realized that playing the guitar is not all about strumming. I was introduced to the new world of fretting. This made me realize that playing the guitar was not as easy as I had imagined.

This did not kill my zeal for learning to play the guitar. I was still quite determined. When I was older I got a chance to learn playing the guitar thanks to a church that was near our home. The church had all kinds of musical instruments and they offered free classes to anybody who was interested.

This is where I finally got to learn playing the guitar. My specialty later came to be bass guitar. I became so good at playing bass guitar that I was often asked to accompany the church’s singing group whenever they had live performances.