Guide To Buying Your First Electric Coffee Grinder


If you are looking for ideas or information about electric coffee grinders, then you are at the right place. This is a guide to buying your first electric coffee grinder, and the following information will help you make you have a good picture and idea on what you will choose to suit your needs.

The different types of electric coffee grinders.

1. The blade grinder

This is the common type of grinder that is mostly found in many shopping malls or simply has a blade and motor, all that is required of you is to put the coffee beans in, then cover the top and press that power button. The grinder blades then will rotate, whack the beans and break them into smaller pieces.

The size of the ground beans will depend on the time you allow to the exercise. That is the more the grinding time, the finer the results. However regardless of the time you allow, the grind in this process will still have some larger chunks and the fine grounds, the difference with using this kind of blade grinder is the quantity.

2. The burr grinder

Here we have two types: the conical and the flat blade.

The conical one has two cone shaped burrs facing each other with a distance between them that determines the size of the grind. When the coffee beans are placed between them, they are ground by the burr where one rotates, and the other is in a stationary position hence crushing the beans evenly.

The flat burr also has two blades that are parallel to each other and provide a shearing effect to the beans hence making them have a large surface area for extraction and uniformity.

The capresso stainless steel burr grinder reviews suggests that the burr grinder as seen have a better grinding capability than the blade grinder however they are costly compared to the blade grinders.

The burr grinder can be further categorized depending on

(a) The speed

We have the ones that are high speed (direct drives), gear reduction (low speed) and the direct-low speed grinders. The high speed will give heat that can affect the end ground that is received at the process; it also produces a noise that is not pleasant to the ears and creates a static that lumps the grounds into chunks that affect the packing at the end process. Despite all these, it is still able to produce uniform coffee grinds at low price point.

The low sped gear reduction has little or no static, low heat and low or no noise all this owing to the revolution per minute (RPM).they are mostly used in cafés and homes

The direct-low speed is much noisier compared to the low-speed gear reduction but also very efficient in producing a fine ground

(b) Grind size adjustment

There are two types the step-less and the stepped grinders.

Stepless here implies that the number of settings available to you for the grind sizes is infinite. There are no preset stops to the grind size compared to the stepped ones that have a certain number of steps for the grinder to finish


The subject to whether to settle for any type of coffee grinder is subjective and personal. However one should evaluate the needs and settle for a product that will best satisfy that need. A good background check for the various models should be done to ensure buying only the best at the right price.