Guide To Picking The Best External Hard Drives

best external hard drive

It’s a great idea to backup your computer data to make it safe n secure. Cloud storage are not much efficient to store these datas, thus Hard Disk is needed to backup and secure your computer data. Choosing the best external drive is quite confusing for many peoples as there are numerous options available these days in market.
Purpose, size, backup interval, portability are some of the characteristics of hard disk drives that will help you to choose the best external hard disk for you.

Storage Capacity Of the External Hard Disk Drive

The storage capacity of external hard disk drive ranges from 2GB to 4TB. Most of the computers these days are having space between approximately 250GB to 750GB in the hard drive. There is numerous opportunity if you want to have an mini external hard disk drive that you can carry easily with you, called as flash drive, to store songs, images and videos. Generally the people’s wishing to have an external drive to store videos prefers size 1TB or 2TB. If your purpose is just to store some mails and documents, a smaller one will be sufficient for you. The more files you want to store or the largest the file size, the bigger external disk you need.

Transfer Speed

If you want to backup your computer every week then you can buy any of the compatable hard disk drive. But if you want the best external hard drive for mac to store larger files, like videos, you must opt the hard disk with high transfer speed. A hard disk with USB 3.0 interface will give you maximum transfer speed, eSATA and FireWire are more superior but are more expensive. USB 2.0 interface is still commonly used but has the 10 times slower transfer speed than its newer versions. Not All external hard drives are compatible with all computer, thus you need to choose the best one carefully.


You can opt an external hard disk with low cost and more weight if you want to keep your external hard drive at home. If you want to carry your external hard drive along with you from office to home, you will have to invest little more for a pocket-sized drive. The main feature that you drive must have is enhanced data protection to reduce the risk of failure caused by any shock while travelling. Durability is another feature that you external hard disk drive must have to protect files from shock and damages. Be sure that your drive has in-built fan if you are opting it for frequent uses and transferring huge size files.


Make sure that your drive is having hardware based encryption. This is necessary if you want to buy a portable pocket sized hard drive or you are storing extremely sensitive files in it. Carrying a hard drive with sensitive and important files in it is a quite risky job thus it’s necessary to have a drive which has hardware based encryption.


Before buying any external hard disk drive keep it in your mind that not every hard disk drive supports every computers and devices. Thus before opting or buying any external hard disk drive make sure weather you computer or device will be compatible with it or not.

Easily Usable and Reliability

Before using some of the external hard disk drives you will have to install and configure utility software. If you are new to use these drives then opt the one which is easily usable and don’t have any confusing processes of installations. It will also great to opt an external hard disk drive with longer warranty period so that you will be able to use it for several.