Hands-On Jobs

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Many people enjoy the thought of working with their hands. It makes them feel more productive and like they are getting quite a bit accomplished every day. Some of these jobs require to live a lot of heavy items and get dirty, other careers allow you to be creative and help others feel better about themselves. If you like to use your hands, help others, and boost the confidence of others around you, then these two career opportunities could be the one of the ones that changes your life for the better.


Even though it is a difficult word to pronounce, it simply means a person who works in the field of cosmetology and skin care. Estheticians focus on how the skin looks, feels, and how healthy it is. Most professionals in this field help with makeup, provide skincare tips and help get rid of facial hair that is not wanted. Before you can begin your career as an esthetician, you need to first get your certificate or Associate’s degree at a beauty college or related institute. If you plan on just obtaining a certificate, this typically takes no more than a year to 18 months to complete.

Once you get your degree you can become licensed in the area that you live so that you can legally perform these services in your state. You can also help take your career to the next level by taking seminars and classes to help you learn more about different types of skin and skin care products. Once you are licensed, you can work at a salon, spa, or even become self-employed.

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Pursuing a career in massage therapy is not as difficult as you think but it does require some special training. A massage therapy has the potential to earn about $40,000 a year and can even go into business for themselves if they so choose. If you want to earn a better salary, it is best to work in a salon or spa. You must first get your certificate in massage therapy and become licensed so you can practice in your area. There are a lot of courses that you will be required to take such as professional ethics and physiology.

Once you pass your exam in massage therapy you can begin working in your desired field. You can also pursue other coursework to help keep you on your toes.


Working with your hands can be fun and provide you with a lot of different opportunities. Taking the time to find the right program for you will make a big difference in how successful you are in the workforce. Follow your dreams and you can achieve anything you desire.