Healing the Soul through Music!

Healing the Soul through Music!

Life will always bring obstacles and challenges. A health problem such as dealing with cancer is sure to create emotional stress and depression. One effective way to heal the mind, body and spirit is through music. The right music will allow you to forget your cares and pain while working toward reaching a better place.

Music Therapy

Moods are increased and spirits are instantly lifted when hearing music. Varied tastes and preferences can be included for optimal music therapy for the individual.

Music therapy will allow for the release of pent up emotions and allow the depressed to sing and dance again. By providing an uplifting and positive experience, music can change your life. Therapy can be personalized for the person who requires healing based on musical preferences.

How to Become a Music Therapist

If you desire to help others with the gift of music, becoming a music therapist will interest you. It is necessary to have a Bachelor’s degree in music to hold this title and position. It is ideal to specialize in therapy, as well to be certain you communicate effectively with the patient.

You are also required to be certified with the Certification Board for Music Therapists. The certification must be updated on occasion to maintain this status.

The job of the music therapist can be rewarding by simply helping others work through pain with the aid of music; however you don’t necessarily have to be a professional musician to make it work.

Additional Requirements

Once you have obtained your education and been certified, the successful music therapist will be monitored to assure patients are treated with care. This job will involve being reviewed by the Standards of Clinical Practice society.

Also, a strong code of ethics must be followed at all times and these will be monitored by a committee, as well.

The Professional Competencies committee will evaluate the therapist and the level of skill once completing the educational requirements and entering this profession.

Finally, music heals the soul and relaxes the mind. Succeeding in a career as a music therapist will offer many benefits to the successful candidate. Being able to help others is certain to be at the top of the list.

Healing the Soul through Music Credit Picture License: Inkyhack via photopin cc