High Paying Careers


There are several high paying careers out there to pique your interest. Even though it may take some time to figure out what you would like to do, it is best to be as thorough as possible during your search. Some people are into all of the latest technology and want to study computer engineering. While others are interest in learning about laws and how they impact others. Keep reading to learn more about these two very different careers and how different they really are.

Becoming a Lawyer

Lawyers are able to represent all different kinds of people, businesses, as well as government agencies who are currently involved in legal disputes. In order to represent and advise clients, lawyers must be able to understand and interpret laws on a whole different level. Some of the documents that lawyers work with are lawsuits, deeds, contracts, and wills. They tend to specialize in different areas of law such as divorce law, criminal, and corporate law. They typically work long hours if they have a large caseload or are in high demand.

It can be a stressful job that requires a great deal of education and hard work. Once you obtain your Bachelor’s degree you must go to Law School, graduate, and then pass the bar exam. Even though this all requires a great deal of dedication to the field, you will have the opportunity to work in various aspects of the law and help others in the process.

Computer Engineering

In order to become a computer engineer, you must finish a Bachelor’s degree at a college where you focused on studies in computers or science. Some students choose to go on to get their Master’s degree or certification in specific areas. Individuals who work in computer engineering are responsible for working with software and hardware applications in system development. They are responsible for conceptualizing and creating new systems based on the needs of the client.

They must be able to troubleshoot various hardware and software applications and be able to help others navigate through the system. A computer engineer typically provides support for fellow co-workers and clients when they are having issues with different programming languages and programming in general. They can become certified in a number of areas which gives them a median salary of about $105,000 a year depending on experience.

Both of these careers are in high demand and high paying. However, they are both very different and require different skills and educational backgrounds. It may take some time to achieve your goals in these careers, but once you do, you will have the skills to help others and the ability to pursue your goals and passions.