How thick of a yoga mat should I get

People who love yoga will often ask the same question: how thick of a yoga mat should I get? Some yoga mats are not actually sold with their exact measurements on them, and people will sometimes have to look up the product information in order to get a sense of whether or not the yoga mats will be thick enough for them. Ultimately, this is a very subjective question, however. The objective data that people might get about the yoga mats might not actually tell the whole story. The ideal yoga mat thickness might vary from person to person but checkout this post for more information



A yoga mat needs to provide enough support, ultimately. Yoga mats of a particular thickness might be able to do that. Thin enough yoga mats will not be able to do the trick. The amount of support that a yoga mat will provide is always going to vary from person to person, of course, and this is something to keep in mind. People need to test out their yoga mats in order to confirm that these yoga mats will provide them with enough support during even some of the toughest poses that involve a lot of contact.


All yoga mats need to offer enough of a barrier between a person and the floor. Otherwise, yoga mats will not be able to protect people from the hard surface of their workout area. Most yoga studios have solid floors. People will need to have an even surface in order to do their yoga poses. Otherwise, they will run into issues with regards to their performance. Doing yoga on a very hard surface will be difficult for most people, especially if they do not have a lot of experience. If the yoga mat is thick and solid enough that people will barely be able to feel the floor under it, then it is probably a good enough barrier.


It’s still important for people to be able to feel like the surface that they are working on is even enough, however, and an overly thick yoga mat will interfere with this. People will find that their hands and feet will sink into a soft and thick yoga mat. While this might be comfortable, it might also interfere with the performance of anyone trying to get better at yoga. A lot of people will find it easier to do yoga on a harder and flatter surface than a surface that feels overly padded. The ideal yoga mat is thick enough to serve as a barrier and offer support, but it should still not feel like a school gym mat.

Striking the balance might be tough. People will also vary in terms of how much support they will need when it comes to the yoga mats that they choose. As such, most people are going to need to test yoga mats, sometimes several times, before they can find the right ones. As long as they have an idea of what the balance is, however, everything should be fine.