Introducing the world of guitars and guitar sound amplification


Guitars are a favorite musical instrument for many people. The guitar is a musical instrument that is definitely preferred by many modern communities. Amongst the traditional and modern musical instruments found across the globe, the guitar probably has the most cousins (instruments similar to it) apart from the drum which is another basic instrument that has varying variations that are ubiquitous around the world.

Some of the instruments found around the world that have great similarities with the guitar include the sitar, the ukulele, the violin, cello, mandolin, viola, fiddle, lute, and many other variations. All these instruments are stringed instruments that have a similar design and are played with a similar approach.

The guitar, and its cousins are instruments that are found in many communities around the world probably due to the fact that they are instruments that produce a very pleasing sound. The guitar (and its cousins) is not a very simple uncomplicated instrument as compared to the drum and other percussion instruments, but somehow many communities have embraced it and learned to play it.

In the modern world the guitar is used worldwide in the production of different genres of music. Initially before the invention of the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar was used. The acoustic guitar is an instrument that uses the hollow body to amplify its sound. The acoustic guitar produces a very rich sound especially if it is a high quality guitar being played by a skilled experienced guitarist.

Acoustic guitars cannot produce very loud music when not aided by other external amplification technologies. As such, the acoustic guitar had a great disadvantage since it could not be used to play for large audiences. This was however changed with the advent of technology where various acoustic guitar amplification technologies were invented including the foot pump technologies and the more modern electric amplification.

Being able to play for a larger crowd was a great advancement in music – especially since the singer’s voice could also be amplified. This brought about a whole revolution in music and music became more popular with musicians going around entertaining huge crowds at a go.

As the popularity of live music and live performances soared and more and more musicians took to the road for live performances, there was more input towards the drive for better music instruments and better amplification. This led to the invention of electric guitars. This was another great leap in the musical world.

The first electric sound amplification technology that was used for electric guitars was the use of tube amplifiers. This technology is very good since it is very good for producing quality sounds even for very high output. It was however not a very good technology for musicians on the road since the tube amps would easily get damaged by the rough handling which is expected in such tours.

The invention of the solid state amps was the solution for this. Despite not being able to produce such high quality as the tube amps, the solid state amps proved to be very dependable, easily portable, and more affordable for the common musician. The slight dip in the output quality of the solid state amp as compared to the tube amp is in any case not easily noticed by the amateur ear.