Is Fighting Crime Your Calling?

Is Fighting Crime Your Calling?

Some people were born to do certain things. Sometimes it is the same thing we dreamed of doing as a child, like being a teacher or an astronaut. Other times we do not discover what we aspire to be until much later on in life. No matter what your calling is there are a variety of options available to you. Maybe you want to be a biochemist, or fight crime for a living, or maybe you simply aren’t sure yet. Regardless, there is information right in arm’s reach to make sure you make the right choices for your future.

Biochemistry is the study of the different chemical processes within living organisms. This fascinating science combines both chemistry and biology. The theory is that if you use what you know from a chemical perspective you can begin to comprehend biological problems. They study health and disease as well as coming up with new ideas and theories on how life works.

Many biochemists work in hospitals, colleges, cosmetics, and forensics. Biochemists work as research assistants helping to study genetic testing and some work as biostatisticians and work in health related industries. There are some really great education options for those interested in biochemistry. Some of the best colleges in the world such as Harvard and the University of California in Berkeley are offering four year degrees in the subject.

Criminologists have the ability to study crime and how impacts society as a whole. This allows others to be able to prevent crime and catch criminals. There are a number of different careers that require a degree in Criminology or Criminal Justice and all are equally rewarding. You can join the police force and be right on the front lines of catching criminals. It is equally as possible that you could work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and become an agent. This requires a more in-depth requirement for coursework and a lot of intensive training. You could be dealing with terrorists or a money laundering scheme. It provides a lot of variety but also a lot of training. With a lot of training comes a lot of schooling so choosing the right program and school to become a part of is very important.

There are a number of different schools that four year Criminology degrees. Some of these colleges are some of the most elite in the land, so you should try to take them all into consideration. This is a difficult choice to make so make sure you have your major and specific course of study narrowed down before signing on the dotted line. The University of Pennsylvania has one of the best Criminology programs in the United States. It is also been reported as the fifth best Ivy League school in the country. You would be studying courses such as law, deviance, and drugs along with the effects it has on the mind. The University of California in Irvine is another great option. Here your studies would focus on different types of law such as criminal and environmental.

No matter what you decided to do there is always information out there for you to help you to discover the true you.

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