Music applications and the importance of quality in music production


The main goal for any musician is to produce or help produce an organized sound. Music is essentially the production of sounds in a harmonized, structured, or ordered way that is pleasing to the audience or sounds that will have some form of message or communication to the people listening to it.

In the past music has been used in many different ways. The pre historic man may have used music to communicate messages to one another. For example, man may have imitated animal and bird sounds to communicate one thing or the other. For instance, the sound of a terrifying animal such as the growl of a fierce animal could be imitated to scare off a child or to show displeasure. The sounds of singing birds could have been used to express joy and merrymaking.

Music or musical sounds were also used during ceremonial functions such as during initiation ceremonies, burials, harvest celebration, during sacrificial ceremonies and other types of functions. Music during these functions raged from sorrowful chanting to jubilant ululations depending on the function.

Music in the past and in the present is used during battle. Music is an excellent way of encouraging and motivating soldiers. It is also a way of intimidating the enemy. Heavy drums, trumpets, and horns are commonly used musical instruments in war.

For music to be meaningful or for it to be able to achieve its desired purpose, it has to be clearly identified by the listener or the audience. In the case of music in war, the music produced has to be carefully produced to accurately achieve its desired outcome. It would not be productive to play sorrowful music to soldiers just before battle for this will likely discourage them instead of encouraging them.

In recent times, music is mostly used for entertainment purposes. Music is a major avenue that people use to help them relax or find some form of recreation. As such, it is very important to provide music that will be pleasing to the ear. People want to hear the very best music with the very best quality. Due to this, it is very important that musicians produce quality musical sounds; this is especially so since individual musicians also compete to produce the best quality music.

With the increase in technology, musicians are able to produce more quality sounds due to better music instruments and better music appliances that help in sound control and sound amplification.

For example, due to amplification, guitarists today can play for huge crowds unlike in the past where they could only play for small crowds since the guitar sound cannot carry very far without it being amplified. Today there are many types of guitar amplifiers that guitarists can chose to use.

Amongst the various types of musical appliances we however have differences in the quality of sound produced in different circumstances. For example, there are amplifiers that can only produce so much amplification while there are others that can provide great output. Using an amplifier with low capabilities and trying to make it produce high output will lead to poor output.

For high output guitar amplification, tube amplifiers are preferred more than solid state amps.