New Technologies To Help Homeowners Save On Utilities

New Technologies To Help Homeowners Save On Utilities

The population is growing every year and along with that growth the demand for resources is increasing. More and more people are moving to areas of the country that were previously uninhabitable due to the 100 degree plus temperatures; in the United States the state of Arizona is one of the fastest growing in the nation.

When one walks the neighborhoods of Arizona the most often heard noise is that of air conditioners turning on. During the summer life in this hot state is a game of staying cool; leaving the air conditioned house, running to the air conditioned car, then into the air conditioned store or restaurant. The amount of energy consumed by this state is enormous, and this is just one state.

With the cost of energy on the rise every year, many home owners are seeing the benefits of adding solar panels to their rooftops. In states such as Arizona, Nevada, inland California, etc. the benefits of adding solar energy can be tremendous; my in-laws who live in Arizona have seen their electricity bill drop to practically nothing. Adding the solar panels also adds value to the home for resale purposes; once a homeowner is ready to sell the home with solar energy is going to sell first, especially when presented with the monthly electrical savings.

New technologies such as Wi-Fi thermostats, geothermal heat pumps which is a heating and cooling technology that transfers heat to and from the ground, and smart technologies such as a washing machine that won’t turn on during peak hours are just a few of the technologies being utilized to assist with utility bills as well as being environmentally friendly. Wireless smart grid technologies allow energy captured by solar panels to flow back in the main grid, which lightens the utility load and will help to avoid blackouts during peak summer hours.

Tankless water heaters are another technology that allows savings on utilities. They are smaller and work more efficiently than traditional water heaters. As opposed to holding hot water like traditional water heaters, a tankless water heater will heat the water instantly as it flows through. If you have a traditional water heater installing a timer that can be turned off when the house is not in use can save on monthly costs.

Other ways of saving on utility bills each month could include installing a programmer that can automatically close the drapes or blinds during the day, which will help to keep your home cool. Automatic light dimmers will keep the usage of electricity down, and also keep the light bulbs from burning out too quickly.

There are even some companies that are developing applications which will be able to monitor the home and business energy usage, so that consumers can determine what they can do to cut back on energy consumption. Saving money in any way possible is at the top of everyone’s list these days, with environmental concerns running a close second place. Installing new technologies around the home can help to alleviate the monthly bills and also keep the carbon footprint at a minimum.

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