No Need to Clench Your Teeth

No Need to Clench Your Teeth

So you’ve been diagnosed with bruxism. Your dentist has probably recommended a custom dental guard (also called an occlusal splint), but at what price! Buying a mouth guard from your dentist may cost as much as $500, but ordering online can reduce the cost without any loss of quality. Depending upon the severity of your bruxism and your specific mouth guard needs, a custom mouth guard can cost $100-$200 when purchased online and will last 6 months to 5 years.

When ordering your night mouth guard, it is important that you choose a guard that will best protect your teeth. There are a number of factors to consider from price, to material, to vendor, and each is critical in your search for the right mouth guard.


Averaging $300-$500 per custom mouth guard, purchasing a dental guard through your dentist is the most expensive option. You are paying a mark-up for the dentist to take a mold of your teeth, while the mouth guard itself costs less than $200.


The absolute cheapest option for mouth guards are stock sports mouth guards. These guards can cost less than $20 but they do not mold to your teeth and are often large and uncomfortable. These bulky guards may also cause difficulty breathing which may lead to further insomnia and sleep difficulties if used as a night guard.

Only slightly more expensive, boil and bite mouth guards are also available in sporting goods stores. Though these mouth guards can be molded to teeth by heating and pressing them onto the teeth with your fingers, they are often still bulky and due to the overly soft inner layer may even damage the alignment of your teeth if worn for prolonged periods of time.


Landing between the expensive mouth guards from the dentist and the cheap sporting dental guards, dental night guards can also be purchased from online custom night mouth guard stores such as Prices range from $100 to $200 per guard, but the mouth guards are still of the same custom fit and high quality as those purchased from a dentist. Why the difference in price? When ordering from an online clinic, you will be sent a do-it-yourself kit which shows you how to easily create a bite impression which is then returned to the company to create your teeth mold. The only real difference is the price and who creates your teeth mold — the quality is identical.

Where ever you get your dental night guard, it is always worthwhile to ensure a custom fit. Generic mouth guards, even those that can be molded to your teeth before wearing, are often thicker and bulkier than custom mouth guards.

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