Not so easy as you might think: educating the ultrasound technician

Not so easy as you might think: educating the ultrasound technician

When it comes to considering careers in the medical field, many people think that they are limited to medicine and nursing, forgetting the large number of people that actually intervene in a hospital setting. Ultrasound Technicians stand among the often overlooked professionals without whom modern medicine would be nearly impossible.

Job description and the level of interest

Ultrasound Technicians (also known by the longer name Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) are the people in charge of performing duplex ultrasound tests, which are devoted to analyzing the way in which the blood moves through the veins and arteries. These tests are vital for many patients, as they allow doctors to find things such as blocked arteries and blood clots without first having to proceed in a surgical manner. In addition to the work performed directly with the patients, the technician is in charge of taking care of the imaging machines as well making sure that the quality of the images is in order.

The healthcare industry, both locally and abroad, has a high demand for trained ultrasound technicians, particularly now that an increasingly aging population starts to overflow the system and more exams are required. Studying this profession nowadays is a very good idea for those with an interest in the healthcare field, since the market is definitely favorable for it.


There are many ways to become an Ultrasound Technician; in addition to a variety of online programs, many colleges and vocational schools offer programs on this discipline. Of course, before you embark yourself in this educational journey you should make sure that the institution is accredited, since this will definitely play a role when finding a job later.

In order to start working you will need a 2-year associate’s degree from one of these institutions, although you can also earn a bachelor’s degree or, if you are cross-training from another medical field, such as nursing, a certificate. Cross-training is definitely a good idea, since not only will it increase your possible income and improve your resume, but will also be faster and easier since you will probably already have a solid foundation on many of the topics.


Among medical technician jobs, ultrasound technicians are quite well remunerated, with a median annual income of $65,000, with some earning up to $80,000 or more. Your salary possibilities will depend on a number of factors, such as where you obtained your training, years of experience, where you are located and, of course, your employer.

The market has never been so good to work as an Ultrasound Technician and, considering that the education costs are considerably lower than those of nursing or medicine, it is certainly a good option for those with an interest in the field, as well as a great opportunity for other professionals to increase their education and, of course, increase their income.

Not so easy as you might think: educating the ultrasound technician Credit Picture License: World Bank Photo Collection via photopin cc