NY Politics Full Of Corruption

Politics Full Of CorruptionCorruption in politics is certainly nothing new; take for example Senator William Blount who, in 1797 was expelled from the Senate for aiding the British in an attempted takeover of Florida. Politicians have been using their influence for both personal and political gain since governments first came into being.

There are some governments however that has become almost famous for their levels of corruption. The city of Chicago, Illinois had a political body that became notorious during the 20th century for their involvement with organized crime. It was a well known joke that members of the Chicago police force made more money every year from bribes and pay offs than they did from their city salaries.

Unfortunately politics at both the federal and the local levels has not changed much. The only thing that is changing is where the corruption is currently being exposed. The spotlight these days is in New York, where several top officials have been indicted or are currently making their way through the legal system. The corruption has become so widespread that Ney York Governor Andrew Cuomo created an anti-corruption panel to investigate the rampant corruption running through the states politics. Governor Cuomo is now taking shots from government watchdog groups who say his administration is interfering with the committees work.

Being a constituent of New York politics cannot be easy, but as everyone knows already it takes strength to be a New Yorker to begin with. The current crop of corruption scandals seem to stem almost exclusively from greed; the recent charges of corruption during the mayoral race involve large sums of cash being paid to essentially allow a state senator to switch political party’s so he would have a better chance of winning the race. Waivers were needed, bribes were offered, and hands were outstretched to receive the money needed to look the other way.

Fortunately for us all there are people who are willing to stand up and fight for what is right. Voters can be encouraged by the fact that there are watchdogs out there that are looking for and standing up to corrupt governments and their officials. When examining the history of our nation a person will see corrupt officials willing to take advantage of a situation, and also see those who fight for what is right bringing them to justice.

For America to break through this cycle of corruption more everyday Americans need to become involved in their local and federal politics. Politics used to be something a person did for a few years and then returned to their “normal” life. It has now become a career, one which I may add that does not require a person to retire at a certain age as with other jobs. Only by voting can the citizens of the United States forcibly retire those which they deem to be incompetent, corrupt, useless, and downright harmful to their country. Only by donating a few years of their time for their country will Americans see politics change, for they will be voting into office their neighbors not someone who spends every waking moment in Washington D.C.