Reviewing The Dovo Shavette Razor

reviewing dovo shavette

The dovo shavette razor is the great tool for the straight razor beginners and also to the on-the-go traveler. Being made from the light weight stainless steel, dovo shavettes actually display the same shape and a feel to the straight razor. A red plastic insert holds the single reusable blade. This razor may never require be honing or stropping and is the excellent tool for the beginners and the experts too.


  • Has the stainless Steel with the red plastic blade holder
  • Uses the one half of the platinum coated folded edged blade

The benefits:

  • The stainless steel wears very well in the wet environment.
  • Platinum being coated with stainless steel blade may be changed as regularly as need be to maintain the sharpness.

How to Choose the right dovo shavette razor:

Quality of the product

The first thing which you need consider when choosing the right dovo shavette razor is the quality which you actually get from this product. Select the brand which is trusted and which is recommended by many friends and the
family members. You need to listen to them who do the shaving each day and by this they may give you the reliable information. You need to keep in mind that you will be using this product daily and therefore you need to choose the one which will last for long time when providing you best quality.

Durability of the product

When choosing the product that can make the shaving be more fun, you need choose the one which is durable for some period. Rather than opening the new pack each day, you need to have the dovo shavette razor which is very enjoyable when doing your shaving everyday. This can also be less costly and effective since you don’t
need to buy it every time and again.

Ease of using it

Another thing one need to look at is how easy it’s to use. You need the dovo shavette razor
that fits well in the hand which has the nice grip. You need to find the razor that will last for long on the single blade.


Even the price is actually very important, it is actually last factor which you need consider when you are buying
the dovo shavette razor. There are many razors which are available at the market where some usually come in real cheap prices. Though, do not be swayed away. Check first at the quality of this product, and ensure
that it can last. If there’re the lazars which offers best quality but they are slightly more expensive, you need to choose the better one. This way, shaving cannot be the grueling task to you.

Now your razor is not going to remain sharp ever, no matter for how expensive or good this is, you need buy a lazar which is very easy to open up and then to remove dull blades and then replace them by the new ones. Also you
have to find the place which you may buy the dovo shavette razors without having to go to online and then order there.