Saving money as a tourist in Singapore

Saving money

Singapore is a beautiful city to tour, however it is also a very expensive city to be in. A knowledgeable tourist can however still have a good time while spending much less money. Below are some pointers on how to save money while touring Singapore.

Enjoy free parks and free walks and avoid the shopping malls: Singapore has free parks and nature reserves where tourists can enjoy some great outdoor sightseeing, nature walks, and other outdoor activities such as camping, outdoor barbeques, kiting, cycling, rollerblading and other outdoor activities that will not cost you a cent. This is a much healthier and fulfilling activity than going to the shopping malls. The shopping malls in Singapore are plentiful and are quite attractive with their beautifully made buildings and plush designer items on sale. The prices of the items are however quite pricey and one may end up spending most of his or her money in the shopping malls before seeing other attractions in the city.

Some of the walks that you can visit in Singapore include the Easy Coast Park, the West Coast Park, Southern Ridges, Mount Faber, Sembawang Park, Telok Blangah Hill park and many other beautiful parks and nature reserves. One could also visit the Changi Airport that is one of the most awarded airports in the world. The airport offers many free entertainments such as a giant slide for adults, free Wi-Fi services, play grounds for kids, and food courts.

Get short term rentals instead of expensive hotel suites: If you are going to be in Singapore for some time and you will be centered in one area, it is better to get a short term rental rather than lodging in a hotel. Hotel costs can be very high whilst short term residential houses are much cheaper. Having a rental will also help you get a better experience of the local lifestyle of people in Singapore.

Make use of cheaper eateries: Singapore has numerous eateries all over the city. They are however not all the same. Many tourists are apt to be attracted by the flashy bigger restaurants and cafeterias which are usually quite expensive. One could however try out the hawker centers and other local eateries that serve similarly tasty food and at quite affordable costs.

Use the public transport system: The public transport system in Singapore is quite well developed and efficient. One can travel to anywhere within the city using the Mass Rapid Transport system (MRT) which is an efficient option for commuters around the island. One could also use buses that help commuters traverse shorter distances. Taxi services are much more expensive especially if you use the uber services.

Another great way for a tourist in Singapore to save on transport costs is to get a bike. You do not have to buy one since there are many places where one can rent bikes especially along the Parks Connectivity Network which is a route that connects major parks and attractions in Singapore. Using the PCN will help you enjoy the sites at a leisurely pace whilst enjoying cycling with other tourists. This way you also get to enjoy the sun and keep fit!