Scholarships For Single Mothers And Cosmetologists!

Scholarships For Single Mothers And Cosmetologists!

If you are a single mom with dreams of going to college but find yourself unable to finance those aspirations, then it is time for you to start exploring your options of getting financial aid. Although getting a college degree with young children seems daunting, many single mothers still choose to do so in order to secure a more stable and bright future for their families. As a single mom, you already know how tough it is to try and pay for an education along with raising children. Luckily, many private and federal organizations in the US also acknowledge the financial difficulties involved in paying for a college education, when it comes to single parents as well as women from disadvantaged sections of society! There are a number of scholarships out there for single mothers who want to study further.

The Jeanette Rankin Fund Scholarships are meant for low-income women aged over 35 years with a vision of how a college education will transform their own circumstances as well as the lives of their families and communities. The scholarship is open to students who want to earn a first bachelor’s degree, an associates’ degree, or a vocational/technical education. The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation offers scholarships to mothers from low-income backgrounds, while the Arizona Business & Professional Women’s Scholarships are meant for women over 25 years of age, who are starting or returning to community college/trade school.

The Women’s Opportunity Award presents a USD 2,000 award to the winning applicant, which can be used to pay for various costs associated with pursuing higher education or training, such as books, tuition, transportation, and childcare. The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund offers aid to economically-disadvantaged single parents residing in Arkansas.

A great career choice for some single mothers may be cosmetology, which is the study and application of beauty treatment, especially since this is a field with many opportunities for part-time employment, flexible working hours, and self-employment. Cosmetology school is not cheap; a regular course can cost you anywhere from USD 6,500-10,000. Fortunately, along with the various grants available to you as a single mother, there are also a number of scholarships for aspiring cosmetologists. These scholarships may be based on a student’s academic track record and financial needs.

The Sally Beauty Scholarships program, sponsored by Sally Stores and the National Cosmetology Association, provides scholarships worth USD 1,000 to numerous students, as does the Joe Francis Hair Care Scholarship Foundation. The NCEA Esthetician Scholarship is awarded four times a year to deserving esthetician students. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in an esthetician-only program as well as have a minimum of 80 percent attendance and grade average.

Many cosmetology schools provide grants to students enrolled in their own pre-approved courses, including Minnesota’s Model College of Hair Design and Vernon’s Kansas School of Cosmetology, both of which offer high-quality cosmetology programs. The Maureen Baldwin Cosmetology Scholarship is available to students who want to pursue cosmetology in Illinois’ Highland Community College. Aspiring cosmetologists can also apply for funding from the American Cosmetology Education Grant sponsored by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools as well as corporates. Eligibility criteria include your financial circumstances, whether your chosen school participates in this grant program, and your application status in the school.

When searching for scholarships, be sure to keep in mind that you may be eligible for various kinds of scholarships – as a woman, as a single parent, as a budding cosmetologist, and so on. Be sure to explore all the possibilities that apply to you!

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