Singapore the ideal island for a couple to visit on their vacation

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Singapore is a great place for a tourist couple to visit. It is especially a good place if you want to get a mix of modern luxuries and ancient attractions. Singapore is an Island City State in South East Asia. The City has a mixture of customs due to the influence of many cultures which came in via the many harbors of the seas surrounding this beautiful City. The predominant culture is the Malay culture. Malays who come from the neighboring Northern Country of Malaysia make up the biggest percentage of the population. Other cultures here include the Chinese, Indians and other assorted ethnic groups including a good percentage of western ethnic groups.

Singapore is especially a beautiful place to tour for an adventurous couple. There are many exciting places where people can visit to have indelible fascinating experiences. There is The Orchard Road District where visitors are greeted by the great multi storied shopping center that has all the kinds of things you might want to buy. Items here include all kinds of exotic clothes, rags, carpets, and ornaments. There are all kinds of artifacts here too including beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other items that one can purchase as a gift or as a souvenir.

Other great tourist attractions in Singapore include the River Safari, the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. These attractions ensure that the tourist has a blend of all kinds of exciting things to explore from all kinds of cultures around the world including attractions from Africa, from the Americas, and from Asia.

Here visitors can view all kinds of wild animals without any visible barriers separating them from the wild animals. The River Safari treats the tourist to features of ten ecosystems that are found around the world such as the Amazon, the Mississippi, the River Nile, the Yangtze River, and the Tundra. Here the visitor can view around 300 species of animals including some rare endangered species.

Apart from the exotic items, the shopping center offers all kinds of modern accessories to ensure that all your needs are met. There are modern luxurious hotels that are made in world class standards and are equipped with all kinds of amenities such as spas, saunas, swimming pools, casinos, and gyms for those who want to maintain their figure while on holiday.

Singapore is a great destination for touring couples since all kinds of amenities are easily accessible. Accommodation is not hard to come by. While touring the urban areas there are all kinds of hotels where the couples can rent affordable rooms.

There are other accommodations options other than hotels where the local people of Singapore provide affordable substitute accommodation for the adventurous tourist. For example, if you are in the City, you can get condominiums that are rented out as a whole or where individual rooms are rented out. A couple can enjoy luxurious comforts in the City by getting master rooms for rent in Singapore. Here they are able to get a firsthand experience of life in Singapore. The costs are much cheaper than hiring an executive suit in a hotel while the amenities are almost similar.