The Motivation to Telecommute

The Motivation to Telecommute

One of the worst things about telecommuting is that sometimes you need to dig deep for the motivation to keep working hard. Distractions happen all the time but if you work from home you have to learn how to avoid and ignore them. Some people to choose to read quotes about hard work or talk to peers about their experiences to help motivate them to do better. In the long run, these are both very helpful tools to boost your motivation to work harder. Here are some of the other minor disadvantages to working from home

  1. There’s No Water Cooler

Working from home is really, really lonely. Sure, you can Skype, call, or IM, but nothing beats being in a room with someone and having pals to grab lunch with every day. But even more, being out of the office means that you miss all the elevator gossip, impromptu meetings in the hallway, and being fully in the know about what’s going on in your organization.

  1. You Never Really Leave the Office

You know that good feeling you get when you leave the office building? That you’ve accomplished all you can for the day, and that everything and everyone else can wait until tomorrow? Forget about it. Since there’s really no difference between being in the office and being at home, the boundaries that your clients, co-workers, and boss would normally draw (like not calling at 9 PM on Friday night) are not extended anymore. You’re always on the job. Work, and all of its piles, are always there.

  1. You Never Really Leave the House

For all of the benefits of not having to go in to the office every day, there’s also a major downside: you can turn into a hermit. Entire 12-hour periods can go by when you don’t see the light of day or actually speak to another person. Please, for your sake—and the sake of your spouse, partner, or roommate who may come home from his or her workday and actually want to be alone for a bit—go to Starbucks once in a while.

  1. There’s No IT Department

In an office, the minute the Internet goes down or your computer gets a virus, you call the Help Desk, and it’s someone else’s problem. At home, it’s all you. Which means that you can waste several hours at a time waiting for the cable guy to show up or trying to explain your laptop’s problems to Customer Service. Yes, you’re the boss, but you’re also the IT guy, the courier, and the administrative assistant.

  1. You Need an Insane Amount of Self-Motivation

In an office, you might be tempted to update your Facebook status or browse the Banana sale, but being at home adds looming chores, the Wii, and your comfy bed to the list of appealing taboos. And without the threat of your boss walking down the hallway, it can take a huge amount of discipline to stay focused.

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