Things you need to find out from your landlord or from your leasing agent

houses_for_rentWhen we are out looking for a house to rent, there are some major things that we have to take into consideration such as location, the budget, the size of the house and other important factors that will affect us directly whilst living in the new quarters. However, there are other factors that you need to consider. These are secondary conditions for the house that will affect you living in the rental. These questions can only be answered by your landlord or your leasing agent. Below are some of the questions that you need to ask before you settle for any house for rent in Singapore.

One of the important things to know is the total amount necessary to be paid before moving into a house. Many landlords will require other kinds of payment other than the rent when the tenant is moving in for the first time. For example, many will require a deposit. You need to know how much the deposit is and if the deposit is refundable. Another important aspect to ask about is the deadline for payment of rent and the penalties chargeable for late payments.

If you want to reduce the initial expenses, it is best to get a room for rent in Singapore with no agent involved. Agents usually attach their fee to the initial cost that you will pay before moving into the house.

At times it is also important to know when the rooms/ apartment will be available. This is especially the case if the apartment is in a flat that is still under construction or one that has just been built. Apartments that have just been vacated might need to stay vacant for some time especially if there are some maintenance services to be done on them. As such, one should be sure of when the apartment will be available and when they can move in.

There are other conditions that you need to be sure about for example, can one have pets in the house? There are some landlord who do not allow pets in their rentals. This could be due to the preference of other tenants living around you. It could also be due to the design of the house. Some house designs are not fit for pets. If pets are allowed, one has to know if there are other conditions regarding the pets; such as if there are limitations to the pet or if a fee has to be paid for having a pet i.e. a pet deposit.

Other important questions that you need to ask your landlord or leasing agent before you rent a house in Singapore is whether you are allowed to make any adjustments to the house. These adjustments could include wall papering, painting, hanging of pictures, installation of additional furniture such as shelves, and any other changes that will change the original state of the apartment.

You might also want to inquire about other crucial services such as maintenance emergencies, you need to know whom to contact and how fast they can respond. You might also need to know how other services such as garbage collection are handled.