Tips On Natural Remedies To Fight Jet Lag

Anyone who has travelled by plane has probably experienced the effects of jet lag. The symptoms of jet lag can include nausea, constipation, diarrhea, sleep disruption, fatigue, and the brain feeling “fuzzy” or a lack of concentration. Flying can have many detrimental effects on the body, but there are some ways to alleviate the symptoms.

Successfully being able to ward off jet lag takes a bit of preparation beforehand; one of the first things is to think about nutrition. Not a single person I know enjoys airplane fare; what I do is tell the airline ahead of time that I need either a Kosher or a vegetarian meal. If I choose a vegetarian meal it comes with fresh fruits and vegetables, and the kosher meals are specially prepared. Taking along snacks in a carry all is good idea as well.

Staying hydrated is also paramount is fighting jet lag. The human body is used to being in the air that surrounds us which is usually at 40 to 60 percent humidity depending on where you live. When traveling on an airplane the humidity levels drop to just 20 percent causing our bodies to become slightly dehydrated. Drinking more water than usual will help to keep the body hydrated and also help to flush any toxins out of the system before they can become an illness.

Travel can be exciting but also exhausting; if it’s possible catch a few winks on the plane as you are making your way to your destination. There are several natural herbs that can be ingested which will help a person relax just enough to doze during a flight. Valerian root is good for producing a calming effect, which can help if one is uncomfortable with flying in general. Special neck-shaped pillows can give your head a place to rest while seated, or you could roll up a towel and place it around the neck for the same effect.

Once an individual has arrived at their destination the first impulse after a long plane ride may be to take a nap; what should actually take place is the opposite. As Voltaire once wrote, “Wherever my travels may lead, paradise is where I am.” Once a traveler hits terra firma they should take in some sights or take a stroll along a local water front. Fresh air is a wonderful cure for jet lag and the body will need to replenish its supply of fresh oxygen after being cooped up in recycled airplane air.

Some other suggestions in the fight against jet lag are effervescent Vitamin C packets which will provide hydration, Vitamin C to ward off colds by boosting the immune system and complex B vitamins to fight free radicals and boost your blood. Ginger is used by many to reduce nausea, and Ginseng is used to keep the mind strong and alert. Flying to a new destination is exciting and can be relatively stress-free if done with the right attitude and some preparation.