Top Facts About Pomeranian Husky That You Need to Know

3Have you ever wanted to take these fluffy and cute Pomeranian Husky or “Pomsky” home? If yes, and if you are planning to have one, here are the top facts about Pomeranian Husky that you probably did not know.

Fact #1: It is not Purebred

One of the misconceptions about Pomsky is its breed; the truth is, Pomeranian Husky is not a purebred. Although they are known as “mutt”, the Pomsky is a crossbred between a husky and a Pomeranian. Also, they do not grow big like most huskies do; typically they get most of their genes with Pomeranian dogs. Additionally, these Pomskies are known “new breeds” and sometimes classified as designer dogs.

Fact #2: It has different Personality

Although both purebreds (Husky and Pomeranian) have different genes, both share similar traits. Huskies and Pomeranian are known for their playfulness and friendly traits, which is why the Pomsky is one of the cutest, playful, and charming small types of dogs. Also, these dogs love to get so much attention. However, they can be very calm at most times, especially when they are around with toddlers or kids.

Fact #3:  Their distinctive size

Purebred huskies are big, while purebred Pomeranian is small and cute. However, due to the mixed genes, the Pomsky often end up being 15 pounds for smaller type and 30 pounds for larger type. You are probably asking which dog carries the puppies. According to the experts, since Pomeranian are known small types of dogs, huskies are the ones to carry and give birth to the crossbred dogs because huskies can have an easier pregnancy than the Pomeranian dogs.

Fact #4: Their distinctive appearance

Since these dogs carry both Pomeranian’s and Huskies’ genes. Hence, Pomsky may look like a Pomeranian or may dominantly look like a husky. According to the experts, their appearance shall depend on the parent’s dominant genes, which means, either they get one of the dominant parent’s feature or they get both of them. For instance, since both parents tend to be furry, the Pomsky might end up having double coated fur – they have an inner fur and outer fur; which is also the reason why you need to watch out for their hairs everywhere because they do shed a lot.

Fact #5: Their Price

These cute and loyal dogs are a little bit expensive. An average price for Pomsky puppies approximately costs a thousand dollars and up. The reason why it is quite expensive is because they are specifically mixed by expert breeders. In fact, this is one of the expensive designer dogs that you will never find in any shelter.

Fact #6: They are known family dog

Although these dogs can be very playful, active, and can chew most of your belongings, these dogs can be very loyal to their owners, especially when they are around with kids. They love to have a companion, which is one of the reasons why they are good around with children. If you are planning to buy one, why not take a look at Pomeranian-Husky’s website now.