Using a Table Saw to Your Advantage



Woodworking is much better when you have a table saw. And you can showcase your talent more if you have table saw jigs. This is when you wanted to elevate your performance or want to make the costly update to your woodworking accessories. It includes a sled, a miter gauge and a premium blade for older saws. You can¬†click here to read more¬†information about tablesaw jigs. You can take advantage of the site’s product reviews to learn more about table saw jigs. All modern woodworking shops table saws. If you have one then may as well read this article so you would know how to use such equipment to its maximum potential.

  1. Use it for woodworking purposes

They often call the table saw as the Woodshop’s “workhorse”. Among all the woodworking machines, this one seems to be the most productive as well as most versatile. It can rip, miter-cut, cross-cut, dado, square, rabbet, and even shape the wood stock’s edges. And because table saws are very important, you must focus on buying a high-quality one.

  1. Safety tips

It can’t be denied that table saws are very useful. However, they can be the most harmful equipment in the shop as well. It can be unforgiving when it injures. A lot of woodworkers lost their fingers or hands because of this tool. So, as long as you are careful in its use and practice safety precautions, there will be less injury that will happen.

  1. Tuning-Up

It is important that you keep your table saw in good condition all the time. Hence, you must not fail in its maintenance. You need to tune it regularly to allow it to cut with ease. If you fail on this part, the saw can be harmful when in use. Tuning-up can be accomplished in just a few simple steps. And when you do this right, you will be rewarded with a clean cut and safety.

  1. Keep your saw table free from rust

Choose a saw that comes with a table made of cast-iron. Once the table is prone to rust, it discolors the wood and makes it difficult to use.

  1. Stacked Dado Blades

Among the tasks performed by a table saw is cutting rabbets and dadoes. Dadoes blades can be stacked or in single with a specific angle or can be an adjustable arbor which is termed as “wobble dado blade”.

  1. Table Saw Jointer Jig

A jointer is the best choice when it comes to straightening board edges. If you don’t have one of these, you can always create a table saw jointer jig with free woodworking plans. It can be employed to straighten board edges using a table saw. You can click here to read more about this.

  1. Tapering Jig

This is needed when building a chair or table. Before, tapered legs are done using a hand. Now, you can use a table saw in adjusting tapering jig. You can build this in your woodshop which can be adjusted as well as locked in place to an angle ranging from 0-15 degrees.