Vacationing in Kenya with a cool cheerful Irish guy with a travel guitar


I love travelling. This is my best recreational activity and this is my number one option during vacation time. As such, I have travelled a lot. I am almost always travelling to a different destination each year. I like going to places where I have never been before where I can be able to experience new things and see new things that I have not seen before.

Some of the great places I have been to include the great savannah grasslands of Africa. I was privileged to travel to Kenya in East Africa two years ago. That year, I had more time for my vacation which was as a result of a bonus that was courtesy of my boss who wanted to reward me for having a very prosperous year at work. Being a marketing agent, that year I managed to land the company two major clients that were sure to bring in a lot of income.

My boss not only gave me more days for my vacation but he also gave me a handsome amount of cash to spend as I wished. After buying some gifts for my parents, I still had a nice sum that I decided to use for a tour to Africa, a place I had not visited before.

I had three weeks which I allocated for the Africa safari. Luckily, the vacation period was during a time when the great Serengeti Migration would be taking place. This was a great event that was greatly praised around the world and this was my opportunity to experience it firsthand.

When I got to Kenya I was amazed at the beauty of the country. The first thing to impress me greatly was the fine weather. The sun was ever-present and it was not too hot. There was always a cool breeze to cool one’s skin whenever the sun became too hot. Due to the great weather, the vegetation thrived and provided great natural beauty.

The savannah was a nature’s jewel with the grasslands spreading across great expanses. The lush green grass covered the landscaped which was dotted by acacia trees.

During the safari, I was in a group of five other travelers from different places around the world. Each of us was visiting solo. There were three ladies and three of us guys.

During our safari across the country, we were entertained with one joyous Irish guy. He was full of funny stories which he told with his “cool” Irish accent. He also had a small travel guitar which he carried whenever we went. Often when the group was tired and there wasn’t much to talk about he would strike up a tune on his guitar. I must say he was quite good on the guitar and his voice was pretty good too.

Between the viewing of the remarkable wild animals of the savannah grasslands and camping in the wild, the guitar playing was a great treat. It was not like the usual guitar for metal that I was accustomed to hearing back at home, this was quite soothing and refreshing.