Zendesk: Under the Microscope

pros-consZendesk is a full-featured customer support platform that helps thousands of businesses provide efficient support to their customers 24/7. It integrates 3rd party applications that can be easily customized exactly how you want them. It comes with a customizable dashboard that makes it easy for users to organize their tasks and notes all in one dashboard. You also have access to all of the data that is being entered by other users.

There have been several competitors that have come out the last few years, Zendesk is still used more than any other customer support platform. Here are some pros and cons to Zendesk so you can make an informed decision for your business.

Zendesk Pros

  • Zendesk offers 3rd party integration options such as 3manager, 123ContactForm, and Cake Mail. You can check out the entire list of apps via their website.
  • Zendesk is reliable and reputable and assists over 25,000 companies with their customer platform solutions.
  • Zendesk also provides mobile optimized support so you are able to contact support straight from your mobile browser. You can use an iPad, IPhone, Android, or Blackberry to access your platform.
  • Their dashboard is unlike any other currently on the market. It can be customized easily and will show the tabs that you use most often.
  • They also provide detailed analytics to help monitor the performance of your support team. This helps you to keep track of customer statistics and satisfaction percentages.

Zendesk Cons

  • Zendesk does not currently suggest answers from their knowledge base to someone who is submitting a ticket that has previously been answered.
  • The user-interface needs some tweaking as it is flash-based and does not work very well with touch devices such as the iPad.
  • They do not have an official technical support any longer.
  • You have to login into your Zendesk account before you can submit a ticket. This can be both a pro and a con as it allows you to keep track of all of your communication.

Zendesk Alternatives

While there are a number of Zendesk alternatives, they do not quite measure up. Desk.com and Fresh Desk are both great options, they lack some of the more modern features such as 3rd party application compatibility. Many users state that they like the convenience of being able to sign in from their iPhones and iPads.


Zendesk is a great customer service platform with many benefits. Many of the cons listed for this platform can be overlooked due to the high quality of the dashboard and 3rd party applications. You can access your platform on the go or in the office which is extremely convenient for busy business owners.